Cheerio old chaps!

So, I'm out of here in 4 days! Crazy! I can't think of any other word to use that describes the situation at hand. I'm going to Europe for almost a month.....crazy.

I've been working like a bee getting my ducks in a row, and think I've pretty much covered all my bases. This overseas travel can really drive a person nuts! There are so many extra things to think about: money, phone, customs......the first two have been a real mind fuck, let me just put that out there. Why, today I called to find out how I will purchase my data plan for unlimited email and web, only to find out that when someone calls me and I don't even answer my phone I'll still be charged 99 cents a minute! wtf? The lady says it's bc we are using their airwaves or whatever so we have to pay for it. I find that utter bullshit, but what can I do? That basically means I have to block incoming calls while I'm there. It's not that bad, cuz I wasn't planning on taking calls while I was there anyway. I will just be checking my voicemail with a phone card periodically. Blah blah blah boring stuff...

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