I will officially be car-less tomorrow morning. Colfax bus, here I come!

In other news, in 6 weeks I will be leaving to South America for 3 months. If McCain gets elected, I will probably not come back. If Obama wins, but we are still amidst a Great Depression II, I will probably not come back.

Wow..I just sat here for a good 5 minutes trying to think of one good reason to post to this blog today. Turns out, I have nothing exciting to say whatsoever. I apologize if you wasted 10 seconds reading this. Will try to come up with something more substantial next time.


Well my friends (or no one, as I'm sure no one reads my blog *tear), I sold my car. I still have possession of it as of now, but come Monday I will say goodbye to it, and to my dependence on foreign oil. haha. I wish, but it's a step in that direction anyway. Made a little profit, which will help me finance this trip. Mostly I'm excited not to have to make payments, pay for insurance, or buy the ridiculously priced gas.

Tuesday morning will mark my first day using the public transport of Denver. Well, besides when I used to light rail it to school, but that still required driving to the park-and-ride everyday. The Colfax bus (15 I believe) will become my best resource during these next 6 weeks until we leave for South America. Can I handle it? Do I have a choice? It will be an adventure, to say the least. The ol' ipod will certainly be put to good use.

Still, this will be the first time in 11 years I won't own a car. I have grown quite comfortable having this luxury- it has played a key role in my daily routine. But, oh well. Time to move on I guess. I'm glad about it, my chance to stick it to the man in a small way.

Last Wednesday I got 3 of my immunizations for the trip. I go back in a month to get one more, plus pick up my prescription for typhoid fever pills. 6 weeks and we're outta here!


Yesterday the nurse at Kaiser called me back and told me all the immunizations I would need for the trip (which is less than 8 weeks away now). Here's the breakdown:

Yellow fever- required to enter some countries
Hepatitis B- can get 2 injections (out of 3 in the series)
Hepatitis A
Malaria pills

Plus, we need to bring a shit ton of anti-diarrhea medication along (no pun intended). FUN!

Still, it will all be worth it when we're standing on our balcony overlooking Buenos Aires.


I dropped the bomb on my boss today about South America. I believe the exact exchange went something like this:

"So...I have some news...some big news........I'm not pregnant, don't worry! haha (boss nervously laughs and mumbles something)...So, Mark and I are thinking of going to South America for 3 months...(pause to take in the look on my boss' face, which was something I had never seen before)...and we're thinking of going in November..."

Admittedly not the best way to tell him. My announcement lacked confidence, to put it lightly (thinking of going?). I had to redeem myself. He asked, "So is this something you're definitely doing then?" I answered with a firm, "Yes," and nothing more.

There, I said it. Finally.

The good news is we talked about it for a while, then he told me he would talk to HR and see what my options are. Meaning, I might be able to get my job back when I return. Even after I told him about the possibility of moving to SF next year, he still wanted to give me my job back. This is a load off (if it works out), because I am going to be dirt broke and probably in debt to boot.

BTW, we bought our tickets a couple of nights ago. $1350 each. Ouch. Last night we requested an apartment in Buenos Aires for the first month of our stay. After that, we will spend 2 months travelling to different regions/countries. Woop!