Ugh. That definitely ranked in the top 10 worst hangovers of my life.


I went to the doctor today for my 2nd Hep B shot. The Russian nurse poked the shit out of me, tough love style. She also insisted I was wrong when explaining that the previous nurse had incorrectly filled out the yellow fever card. After arguing back and forth- me telling her that my knowledge comes directly from the travel clinic people (and my own reading skills, which are more developed than most Kaiser nurses, apparently), and mean nurse interrupting me constantly to "let me explain vut I am trying to say to you!"- we finally agreed that I was right. DUH. She filled out a new card, and sent me on my way.

I'm tellin ya, it must not take much to become a nurse. No offense to the nurses that are intelligent, but seriously...


Holy crap dudes, I leave in 3 weeks!


Pet peeves list:

-Someone calls me, or answers the phone when I ring, then talks to someone else in the background. If I have to devote 100% of my attention to person on the line, the least they can do is extend that same courtesy. I will hang up if necessary.

-Clicking on a link that doesn't open in a new window, forcing me to have to use the back button, then option-click link...I changed my internet settings for this. Seriously annoying.

-People who are perpetually late to everything.

(Will add more as they arise)


Please excuse last night's post. Was drunk blogging and trying to wax introspective.
Wow, 27 is a weird year...have seemingly lost two of my good friends (one of which was a bff), have grown closer to others and am absolutely loving time spent with them, yet am still spending a signif amount of time all on my own, listening to music and writing in my journal (about lost and found friends, no doubt). Kinda feels like puberty all over again, except without all the maturing physically stuff (hair in weird places, etc.). Is this normal?

It's weird, when I went to Europe I felt like it would be an amazing time to be alone, thinking about my life, the choices I've made, and what I wanted for the future. This time while Mark is in Vegas is not unlike that; in fact, it might be even more what I was looking for in Europe, bc this time I am all alone at home, without any distractions, just my own thoughts.


Hi friends, just spent the weekend on the couch, sick (feel sorry for me please). I was so excited for beer drinking mayhem too, but instead was coughing, sneezing, stuffy headed, and soaking my sore achy muscles in the hot tub.

I had planned to take today off to get some errands run, but instead have been lazing about the house trying to nurse myself back to health. Good news is I'm finally starting to feel the teensiest bit better (could just be the antihistamine I took earlier though), despite this nagging itchy dry cough I have developed since Friday.

Will be in touch once my head clears...I blame the germy bus for this cold, bc I NEVER get sick. Thanks, homeless crack whore population of Denver.