Sunday Funday!

My friends Bossom and Star live downtown (Denver). Check out this video they got from their window.


What it do?


So, far, looks like the ball is rolling for my next adventure. This time, however, it's going to be more than just a 3-week ordeal (3 weeks, really?!). Mark and I are going to move to Argentina for 3 months, which is the max you can stay in a foreign country without a pretty sweet visa. I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell people obtain those, btw...But for now, 3 months. Then, if we love love love it, we'll have to fly home, then figure out how to fly back for an extended period.

Seriously, I can definitely handle selling all my shit (including the car I just bought last September) and becoming a rambling woman :P Hell, I'm already throwing stuff away/recycling/giving away things pretty much constantly. I'm a minimalist with too many possessions. It won't be hard to let it all go. The only thing I'm having some trouble with is my 6-year-old cat, Stella. I totally absolutely cannot let her go! WTF will I do???

Oh, so this is what we're thinking: Go to Argentina, see how we love it, and do a little traveling around (possibly as far up as Ecuador) if it seems manageable. WOOP!

This is how I keep going, and avoid opening a vein at work everyday.

Also, I've been taking Spanish classes at Colorado Free University, and plan to continue them until the day we leave. Joined a Spanish Meetup.com dealio, so hopefully this will help me get to a place where I'm not constantly stumbling around trying to think of the words to form a basic sentence...

If anyone has any suggestions for me (apartment websites, etc.) please feel free to leave comments! I've been doing a shite-load of research as well. :)