Cheerio old chaps!

So, I'm out of here in 4 days! Crazy! I can't think of any other word to use that describes the situation at hand. I'm going to Europe for almost a month.....crazy.

I've been working like a bee getting my ducks in a row, and think I've pretty much covered all my bases. This overseas travel can really drive a person nuts! There are so many extra things to think about: money, phone, customs......the first two have been a real mind fuck, let me just put that out there. Why, today I called to find out how I will purchase my data plan for unlimited email and web, only to find out that when someone calls me and I don't even answer my phone I'll still be charged 99 cents a minute! wtf? The lady says it's bc we are using their airwaves or whatever so we have to pay for it. I find that utter bullshit, but what can I do? That basically means I have to block incoming calls while I'm there. It's not that bad, cuz I wasn't planning on taking calls while I was there anyway. I will just be checking my voicemail with a phone card periodically. Blah blah blah boring stuff...




I love this website.

So my weekend will commence in, oh, about 2 hours, at which point I will go home to nap- do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars. Then happy hour at Gov's from 4-7, then who knows.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my mom in Littleton at 10am- I think we're going to do a little shopping ;)

Sunday lazy day...

So more plans have been made for my trip!

After the Contiki tour ends I'm going to extend my stay in the Ibis Hotel for one more night so that I can see more things in Paris. Rob will meet me and get himself a room that night in the same place, then the next day we're driving down to his parent's house in the south of France. Check out the sweet-ass place I get to stay in !!!

We're then going to fly back to London where I'll spend the remainder of my trip (April 5-9). Yay!!!!!

I've made an itinerary that everyone can check out. Have to figure out how to post it though.....


I have arrived!

So I am now technologically up-to-date (if there is such a thing).  Just got a blackberry pearl on thursday, and got my ipod classic in the mail friday. I LOVE new toys!!!! I was talking to the guy in the t-mobile store, and he told me I could add on this service while in in Europe and it will allow me to email for free, which is awesome bc that can be my means of communication with everyone back home! Minnie likey :)