I love this website.

So my weekend will commence in, oh, about 2 hours, at which point I will go home to nap- do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars. Then happy hour at Gov's from 4-7, then who knows.

Tomorrow I'm going to see my mom in Littleton at 10am- I think we're going to do a little shopping ;)

Sunday lazy day...

So more plans have been made for my trip!

After the Contiki tour ends I'm going to extend my stay in the Ibis Hotel for one more night so that I can see more things in Paris. Rob will meet me and get himself a room that night in the same place, then the next day we're driving down to his parent's house in the south of France. Check out the sweet-ass place I get to stay in !!!

We're then going to fly back to London where I'll spend the remainder of my trip (April 5-9). Yay!!!!!

I've made an itinerary that everyone can check out. Have to figure out how to post it though.....

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