Adrian Grenier for Oceana

He's hot, but he makes it sound like it wouldn't be so bad if Atlantic bluefin went extinct.


Where did your Haiti donation go?

It's possible that your donation didn't go immediately to earthquake disaster relief efforts in Haiti. More here.


What I've been eating lately (all homemade, of course)

Spring rolls with peanut sauce

Thai tempeh sandwiches with Romaine

My version of Noodles & Co.'s Pasta Fresca

Pad Thai


Oscar the Cat

There was an article today about this death-predicting cat. I've read similar stories about animals being able to make predictions about death, cancer, natural disasters, etc. Very interesting and strange.

Oscar on Yahoo!

Oscar in NEJM


Sad Mac

I finally bought an external hard drive today from eBay. It was tricky bc I have an old-school

iMac G4/800 MHz

The raddest desktop computer ever invented, obviously. But it's old now, and slow, and wants to retire- it has 1.1 USB ports, hardly any RAM, and well, you can see from the specs what I'm dealing with here.

Anyway, it's chock full of music. It's so full that I can't even create a zip file because there is just no more room for anything. I don't even use this computer anymore unless Mark is using his laptop and I need the internet, but I have been too lazy to transfer all of my shit onto an external hard drive.

I needed a hard drive that would work with my fossil- decided to go with this:

It's the Little Disk, by LaCie. I wanted to go the firewire route since my USB ports are slow. Plus I needed something that would boot from a pre-intel Mac (Western Digital was a no-go for this reason). Let's hope this works!


New things

Yes, I have a tumblr now. Let the madness continue.


So this is the New Year?

There's nowhere I would rather spend my NYE/NYD than with loved ones. Unfortunately, this year that means spending it in a room in the ICU. Fortunately, it means my loved one is still with me and I get to see her smiling face in 2010.