Sad Mac

I finally bought an external hard drive today from eBay. It was tricky bc I have an old-school

iMac G4/800 MHz

The raddest desktop computer ever invented, obviously. But it's old now, and slow, and wants to retire- it has 1.1 USB ports, hardly any RAM, and well, you can see from the specs what I'm dealing with here.

Anyway, it's chock full of music. It's so full that I can't even create a zip file because there is just no more room for anything. I don't even use this computer anymore unless Mark is using his laptop and I need the internet, but I have been too lazy to transfer all of my shit onto an external hard drive.

I needed a hard drive that would work with my fossil- decided to go with this:

It's the Little Disk, by LaCie. I wanted to go the firewire route since my USB ports are slow. Plus I needed something that would boot from a pre-intel Mac (Western Digital was a no-go for this reason). Let's hope this works!

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