What it do?


So, far, looks like the ball is rolling for my next adventure. This time, however, it's going to be more than just a 3-week ordeal (3 weeks, really?!). Mark and I are going to move to Argentina for 3 months, which is the max you can stay in a foreign country without a pretty sweet visa. I'm still trying to figure out how in the hell people obtain those, btw...But for now, 3 months. Then, if we love love love it, we'll have to fly home, then figure out how to fly back for an extended period.

Seriously, I can definitely handle selling all my shit (including the car I just bought last September) and becoming a rambling woman :P Hell, I'm already throwing stuff away/recycling/giving away things pretty much constantly. I'm a minimalist with too many possessions. It won't be hard to let it all go. The only thing I'm having some trouble with is my 6-year-old cat, Stella. I totally absolutely cannot let her go! WTF will I do???

Oh, so this is what we're thinking: Go to Argentina, see how we love it, and do a little traveling around (possibly as far up as Ecuador) if it seems manageable. WOOP!

This is how I keep going, and avoid opening a vein at work everyday.

Also, I've been taking Spanish classes at Colorado Free University, and plan to continue them until the day we leave. Joined a Spanish Meetup.com dealio, so hopefully this will help me get to a place where I'm not constantly stumbling around trying to think of the words to form a basic sentence...

If anyone has any suggestions for me (apartment websites, etc.) please feel free to leave comments! I've been doing a shite-load of research as well. :)

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