Well my friends (or no one, as I'm sure no one reads my blog *tear), I sold my car. I still have possession of it as of now, but come Monday I will say goodbye to it, and to my dependence on foreign oil. haha. I wish, but it's a step in that direction anyway. Made a little profit, which will help me finance this trip. Mostly I'm excited not to have to make payments, pay for insurance, or buy the ridiculously priced gas.

Tuesday morning will mark my first day using the public transport of Denver. Well, besides when I used to light rail it to school, but that still required driving to the park-and-ride everyday. The Colfax bus (15 I believe) will become my best resource during these next 6 weeks until we leave for South America. Can I handle it? Do I have a choice? It will be an adventure, to say the least. The ol' ipod will certainly be put to good use.

Still, this will be the first time in 11 years I won't own a car. I have grown quite comfortable having this luxury- it has played a key role in my daily routine. But, oh well. Time to move on I guess. I'm glad about it, my chance to stick it to the man in a small way.

Last Wednesday I got 3 of my immunizations for the trip. I go back in a month to get one more, plus pick up my prescription for typhoid fever pills. 6 weeks and we're outta here!

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