I dropped the bomb on my boss today about South America. I believe the exact exchange went something like this:

"So...I have some news...some big news........I'm not pregnant, don't worry! haha (boss nervously laughs and mumbles something)...So, Mark and I are thinking of going to South America for 3 months...(pause to take in the look on my boss' face, which was something I had never seen before)...and we're thinking of going in November..."

Admittedly not the best way to tell him. My announcement lacked confidence, to put it lightly (thinking of going?). I had to redeem myself. He asked, "So is this something you're definitely doing then?" I answered with a firm, "Yes," and nothing more.

There, I said it. Finally.

The good news is we talked about it for a while, then he told me he would talk to HR and see what my options are. Meaning, I might be able to get my job back when I return. Even after I told him about the possibility of moving to SF next year, he still wanted to give me my job back. This is a load off (if it works out), because I am going to be dirt broke and probably in debt to boot.

BTW, we bought our tickets a couple of nights ago. $1350 each. Ouch. Last night we requested an apartment in Buenos Aires for the first month of our stay. After that, we will spend 2 months travelling to different regions/countries. Woop!

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