Mark ordered me a new ipod classic from amazon yesterday. yay!!!!! My 3rd generation ipod is really on the fritz- the battery only lasts about 30 minutes when fully charged, and that's if i don't mess with the controls very much! I could have gotten a new battery put in for 60 bucks at the mac outlet store, but screw it. My new ipod will have 80Gb of memory, versus my current ipod's 15. And for 240 bucks, compared to the 269 i paid for the one i have now, it's an awesome deal!

Once again, the weekend flew by in a flash. But the countdown continues for Europe, with about 3 weeks til departure. Man, I'm kind of still in disbelief that this is really going to happen.

Speaking of Europe, I've been doing some research on the cheapest and best way to call home (Mark) while I'm away. Seems like no matter which route you go, you're gonna get screwed with a huge bill. I can just use my phone and roam for 99 cents a minute and 35 cent outgoing texts, or I can buy an international SIM card for starting around 20 bucks and then pay their 45-85 cents per minute plus "free" incoming texts (which aren't really free for the person sending them so what's the point?), or I can buy an entirely new phone for around 40 bucks and prepay for minutes and texts at around the same rate, OR, I can just go the old-fashioned way with a phone card and call from the hotel phones and payphones along the way. It's basically a lose-lose-lose-lose situation. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Laura123 said...

hey dominica. Congrats on the new ipod classic. Give your 3rd gen to a loved one or to me! I can get a new ipod battery from ipodjuice and then get it working again just like new.

Let me know!