Well it's Monday morning...again. How is it that a m-f week of work can crawl by slower than slugs on a muggy afternoon, but the weekend goes by in a flash?
I propose a change in the system: work week: tuesday-thursday. weekend: friday-monday.

I promise to work really hard all week!!! I truly could get all the work done in 3 days that is normally spread out across 5 days. *sigh...a girl can dream though....

In other news, the countdown is on. 1 month and 1 day until I depart on my trip to fabulous Europe!!!!! I'm scared/excited/blissful/paranoid about it. I'm sure as is gets closer I'll be even more nervous. I've never traveled alone and I absolutely do not enjoy flying in the least. In fact, I've been known to almost have a panic attack in the event of turbulence.

So here's the plan (if I actually survive the flight over without fainting):

Contiki tour for 2 weeks which includes stops in Amsterdam, Innsbruck, Munich, Florence, Venice, Rome, Lucerne, and Paris.

Then either hop the bus back to London, or stay for a couple more days in Paris. Either way I'll end up back in London where my friend Robin lives with his flatmate. I guess I'll just be crashing on his couch for a little bit, unless we decide to go off on some other adventure. That all remains to be seen. For now, Contiki is all that's set in stone. Writing it out like this gets me verrrrry excited actually. I have to remind myself that this will be the most amazing trip of my young life- possibly entire life. I'm glad to be taking his on solo. I'll get to prove something to myself or find myself or whatever..



Check it out :)

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