Life after being fired hasn't been too bad so far. In fact, the past 5 days were some of the most fun I can remember (since SF).

Thursday, I got the news that I was fired. Won't go into details, except that I feel it was an overreaction to a problem that could have been addressed in a civilized manner. Whatever. Fact is, I was burned out, and even though I definitely would have preferred it be on my terms, it was time to leave. Moving on...

Friday was Mark's birthday, so there was no time to wallow when so much fun was to be had. Mark and I rode our bikes down to the Wash Park Whole Foods for some coffee and lunch before riding to the Chez Artiste to see the new docu, Food, Inc. We both really enjoyed it- I wish films like this were a mandatory part of school curriculum, and that it was in more theaters for people to see. But at least it's out there presenting the facts about the companies behind the food industry, and how well they have veiled their despicable practices. I hope it opens people's eyes to the injustices that Big Food has committed. I am inspired to read labels even more carefully now, and make sure I'm buying local and/or organic food. Like the film stated, everytime we purchase food, we're voting. Companies give the people what they want, not the other way around. If everyone makes more of an effort to buy foods made by ethical companies, our world would change drastically.

Anyway, later that evening, we went to Park Tavern for happy hour before meeting Chris, Star, Brian, Rhonda and Erin at Rockbar, where we proceeded to get hammered on various shots and cheap beer. It was soooo worth the hangover the next day ;)

Saturday was pretty lazy, I think Mark and I left the house only to get some electrolyte-filled beverages and yummy snacks. Then we watched the Rapids game.

Sunday we rode down to The Market for coffee, then hit the library to score a few new reads. They were having a bike workshop in the west courtyard, so we stopped by to see what that was about for a little while. Later, we went on a much-needed grocery run, then spent the evening watching season 5 of Entourage on Netflix.

On Monday we went for a hike in the mountains. The plan was to hike Grays and Torreys, but the 4x4 road leading to the trailhead proved impossible for Mark's Dad's S-10 to handle, so we ended up hiking to Silver Dollar Lake, starting on a trail about 9.5 miles from Georgetown on Guanella Pass.
(Naylor Lake, a private lake just below Silver Dollar)

The weather was gorgeous all day- not too hot, and no rain. Plus, we only saw a few other hikers on the trail. Round-trip, the hike was about 3 hours, including a stop for lunch at the lake.

That evening, we cooked nom noms for din, in the form of Thai coconut curry tofu and called it an early night.

Tuesday we woke up early enough to catch the Blue Plate Special at Watercourse. It was so good, with generous portions of tofu scramble, hash browns, a delicious biscuit, green chile, and coffee...all for 5 bucks! You really can't go wrong with this one, especially if you're out of a job like me! haha. Anyway, Watercourse is one of the little gems in Denver, with amazing veg/vegan food, cool atmosphere, and of course, fantastic art by Ravi Zupa, who just so happened to be eating at the booth across from us, funnily enough. Wish I had one of his pieces up on my wall!

Tuesday night I talked Mark and Chris into riding Loops, something I've wanted to do for a while. Here's is the map of our route, although the three of us took some detours and made a pit stop for beer along the way. Good times!

Thus wraps up my post-fired vacation. Today it has been all work no play for this one. Everybody gotta eat, right?

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