So I just watched the premiere ep of The Goode Family, on ABC. I thought it was hilarious, and can't wait for more. I think it's great that even though they are making fun of vegan environmentalist hippies (like myself), I wasn't offended at all. The fact that there is a show about this lifestyle means that the concept is interesting to people, and hopefully it will get people thinking. I particularly liked the scene at the church dance. Any show that mocks over-the-top right wing religiosity is fine by me, especially when it is done in a comedic manner.

The vegan closet meat eating dog Che is such a great idea. I don't feed my cat fish-based food anymore because of the overfishing problem, but I still can't deny that my pet is a meat-eating predator. I know there are people that feed their pets vegan diets though, which is ridiculous but also something I've thought about haha.

Another hilarious part was when the mom gets drunk at the end, and is in the back yard hugging the dog and sloppily telling him "you're my friend." Classic!

Anyhoo, I can tell I will love this show, right down to the silly theme song that sounds like a montage from the Lion King.

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The Bossoms said...

I can't wait to watch this show. I will think of you.