It's been a bit since I actually wrote anything worthwhile on here (okay, so I probably haven't ever written anything worthwhile on here, but I'm optimistic), so I figured I'd give a little update on the life and times of, well, me.

After losing my job back on July 17th (and lying to several unimportant people about the actual embarrassing cause), I am STILL on the job hunt. Fucking economy, I really should have stayed in Argentina...Anyway, I guess that wasn't an entirely accurate statement about being jobless this whole time. I have been working, somewhat, here and there, at random intervals, intermittently, etc. etc. I recently finished a month-long part-time job as an assessment administrator. I'll spare you the boring details of what that means, but let me just mention that I still have not been paid for the 90 or some odd hours I put in. They are telling us end of October at the latest. Which translates to, end of October, so don't get your hopes up that you'll get paid sooner than that. I have not received a paycheck from a place of employment since July. OUCH.

Have had a couple other interviews, one of which resulted in a part-time position at a local fitness center and spa. I start there this Wednesday. Glad to know my college degree is being put to good use. I also have an interview tomorrow and one on Tuesday, for jobs I vowed to stay away from due to their similarity to my old job (the one I lost after 3.5 years), but in recent desperation, applied to because I need money. We'll see how those go.

In the meantime, had to ask my dear mother for 300 greenbacks, which will help with rent, but won't get me through the rest of the month. What would I do without my mom? Thanks, Mom, you're the best!

Where was I? Oh yes, I was about to go into the joys of being absolutely and completely broke at the age of 28.

Suffice it to say, there are no joys. I had to dust off the credit card after not having used it since Argentina, and before that, many years. I HATE using a credit card to pay for things like groceries, cat food, and the occasional beer (hey, I can't quit drinking just because I'm broke; if anything, beer is my only comfort in this cruel, cruel world and I should be drinking more of it). I feel like such a loser. I feel irresponsible and adolescent. So I'm broke, AND I'm racking up more debt. Vicious fucking cycle.

Sorry, I'm whining. And worse than that, I'm boring you to tears. Because you're all in the same situation. I'm not special. And things will get better, eventually...

So other than applying for 80 million jobs on a weekly basis, I've been keeping myself busy doing pretty typical fall activities: riding my bike through the crunchy leaves, cuddling with my cat, cooking warm meals with seasonal squash, and most recently, busting out the old acoustic guitar for a little bit of homebody fun. Things could be worse.

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