Maybe if the flickr uploader wasn't being all jankity, I wouldn't have to spend all my time waiting for photos to upload, and could focus some attention on this blog, among other things.

Being at the end of the world isn't as strange as it would seem. Ushuaia reminds me of Breckenridge- just a mountain town full of over-priced shops and cool little restaurants/pubs.

Reading New Moon now, the second in the Twilight series. I managed to find it at the same bookstore in B.A. that didn't have it before. Was so excited I picked up Eclipse too, and am glad I did, because I have nearly finished New Moon. Looking at the author's bio in the back...she attended BYU. Isn't that a Mormon college? Don't Mormon's believe in abstinence? Is this entire series going to be a lesson in abstaining from pre-marital sex???? That would be really fucking annoying. I mean, I know it's young adult, but come on. Bella is 18, and Edward is what, like a thousand? How convenient that physical contact pushes Edward too far towards the temptation of biting Bella. How convenient indeed.

BTW, on a completely unrelated topic, traveling in South America is really hard if you're a woman, due to a lack of clean, toilet paper-and-soap-containing facilities. And bus travel is SOOOOO much worse for we hoverers. There is nothing more disgusting than having to hover over a dirty bus toilet overflowing with piss. One sharp turn could potentially send human waste sloshing out all over you. I would recommend the following things for female travelers:
  • Fly if you have the money- you won't miss much in the way of landscape, because you'll be sleeping on the bus anyway
  • If flying is absolutely out, bring your own toilet paper, handsoap, hand sanitizer (for when there is no water on the bus), hand wipes, antibacterial wipes (for other things- armrests, door handles, etc.)
  • Try to pee at the longer stops (bring the t.p.!). Don't drink too much liquids
  • Go on that b.c. pill that keeps Aunt Flo away for months at a time (sorry, it had to be said)

With about 6 and a half weeks left, I can't help but daydream about the day I can return to a vegan lifestyle. The food here is really, really starting to take a toll on my body. I feel less energized, am getting a tiny gut, and waking up with the shakes everyday. Plus, I think I'm fighting off a cold (could blame all this hostel/bus living for that one though). I can't help but assume it's the lack of fresh vegetables in my diet. I miss those big leafy bunches of deliciousness.

On Christmas Eve Mark and I spent the evening with our hostel mates (Freestyle Hostel, Ushuaia), enjoying a buffet of salad (thank God!) and mystery bbq meats, plus all the wine and champagne we could consume. Let's just say we went from our first glass of wine to a crazy dance party disco within a couple of hours, even though it felt like minutes, as there was no happy medium where I told myself I should slow down on the booze. Before I realized it, we were all acting like fools, Aussies, Brits, random Europeans, Asians, and Americans, all mixed together, bonding over 70s and 80s music (with the occasional Madonna or Sean Paul track thrown in). It was chaos, with a very sloppy ending (I'll spare you the details). Let's just say it was the most unique way I've ever spent Christmas Eve.

Looks like my pics are finally almost done loading on flickr...bye for now!

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