I have come to realize how very basically my body responds to stress. Immediately, my fight or flight responses kick in at the first sign of an adverse situation. Heart beats rapidly, almost to the point that I feel like I may go into cardiac arrest (admittedly, not very adaptive). My sweat glands overreact as well. Within minutes, I can feel the sweat beads threaten to drip down the underside of my arm (since switching to deoderant purchased at Whole Foods, I am very aware of just how productive those armpit glands really are. ew, i know, sorry). I also feel an extreme rise in my body temperature.

Really, are we that unlike the animals that roam the earth seeking gratification to their most primal urges?

Random thoughts at work (I just kicked out one of my least favorite clients; hence, the stress, and the biology rant about bodily function)

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